Winter hours: OPEN 7AM-2PM daily for Breakfast and Lunch OPEN 5PM Daily for Dinner and Drinks
TONIMOES operates its dining room on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Your elected officials care deeply about you.
In the name of protecting you from yourself,
the Yukon Liquor Act (openly visible online here) states the following under section 82:

"Except as permitted by this Act or the regulations, no person in the Yukon shall:

a) exhibit or display or permit to be exhibited or displayed without the approval of the president any sign or poster containing the words “bar”, “barroom”, “saloon”, “tavern”, “cocktail lounge”, “beer”, “spirits,” or “liquors”, or words of like import; or

b) exhibit or display or permit to be exhibited or displayed any advertisement or notice of or concerning liquor by an electric or illuminated sign, contrivance, or device, or on any hoarding, signboard, billboard, or other place in public view or by any of the means aforesaid, advertise any liquor."

...making it not only impossible for Tonimoes to show you our awesome beverage menu,
but also to explain how we honour the bounty of Scotland every Tuesday night with the frugality of a Scot. Pity.

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Tonimoes locations

Edgewater Hotel, Whitehorse   Phone 867-667-2572 ext.4006

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