Wanna work at Tonimoes? Awesome. Here's what we are looking for in people for the various departments:

Culinary Staff:
To work on Tonimoes' line, and cook for Tonimoes' customers you need to be a European Chef with papers or be in possession of Interprovincial Red Seal Certification. We will consider equivalencies in formal schooling from other countries or restaurant chain schooling plus experience, but generally we prefer to see career cooks with a Red Seal or Chef's papers. We also prefer the reliability of mature individuals in our kitchens over someone who is still living the party-it-up phase of life. Most of our culinary staff are 40+ years old. Additionally, we prefer to hire non-smokers over smokers when given the choice.

Seals earn: $20 per hour plus a substantial housing subsidy (currently $12.50 per hour for Whitehorse) plus a monthly food cost bonus that is calculated based upon store sales and in-store food cost. Meals are free while you are on shift. Inuvik staff are entitled to one round-trip flight to any major city in North America once a year.

Front Staff
What we generally look for is someone who either has direct experience in fine dining or in numerous and varying types of food and bev venues in southern Canada or abroad. We will consider people who may have limited food and bev experience provided they have some customer service history on their resume, outstanding interpersonal skills and a willingness to learn from those more experienced than they are.

Ideally front staff will be capable of averaging $144 per hour in gross sales, so you need to be physically fit, smart, presentable, self-confident, mentally organized and someone who doesn't get rattled when the floor gets busy. We will teach you efficiency of movement technique, so we can work with a diamond in the rough, but rough or not you still need to be a diamond.

We plan our front staff load around 20K in volume per month for each full time position. Based on that you can do a rough calculation as to what you can expect in tips. Since opening on May 4th 2015, that has translated into $12.87 per hour average. The kitchen doesn't get a cut so front staff get to hold on to all of what they pull off the floor. Add in $12 an hour on payroll, plus free meals while you are at work, and the package is pretty good.

Note: We also prefer to hire non-smokers over smokers. If you are a smoker who can't go five hours without a cigarette then please don't apply at Tonimoes. It's not fair that non-smoking co-workers have to tolerate a smoker's sense of entitlement to walking off the floor every 45 minutes (or less) to take breaks that non-smokers somehow aren't entitled to take. It's BS, and we generally won't put up with it for very long.

Back of the house - Dish Pit and Kitchen Helpers
Tonimoes is moving to a system whereby back of the house staff not hired for the line may be called upon not only to operate a commercial dish machine and do food prep, but also to answer the phone, use the computer system, and drive our company vehicles for deliveries and to run errands. The moral of that story is we are looking for smart, reliable, personable people with driver's licenses and clean driving records. Again, we prefer mature individuals in our kitchens so you older folks needn't be shy about sending us your resume. At Tonimoes you are loved.

Dish-pit/prep/delivery/gopher typically pays in the $14-18 an hour range plus free meals, possibly housing and some other goodies depending upon location and a few other factors.

Sincerely, Greg and Matt.

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